Bespoke storytelling

The mysteries of Rolex revealed in LXRY Magazine

Storytelling is the most effective way to reach, inform, capture, enthuse, and activate an audience. And since my studies at the Utrecht Journalism School (SVU) I’ve been doing so. By writing stories for music magazines, a football magazine, several lifestyle magazines, newspapers and newspaper supplements, and a number of watch magazines and websites. Stories that reach out and touch exactly the right target group. You can call it…

Made-to-measure journalism

Three articles in Tempus Magazine 2020

For the last fifteen years I have worked as a journalist in the captivating world of Haute Horlogerie, a parallel universe in space and time. A universe built on stories. Highly personal and emotional portraits, epic adventures, historical anecdotes and hightech tales of innovation.

An interview with F1 driver Max Verstappen about speed and watches

In any case, every watch tells a story. And I know exactly how to bring that story to life and under the attention of exactly the right audience.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

More samples of my published work

Writing and telling stories

I have been telling many a different watch story in specialized and lifestyle magazines, on websites, for watch brands in special edition books, in sponsored magazines and other types of client publications such as newsletters and websites.

Captivating Haute Horlogerie

Lectures and presentations have also become a part of the way I can lead an audience through the luxurious field of Haute Horology.

Reaching every audience

An audience that ranges from watch novices to seasoned collectors.

Let Chronotext tell your story